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Florentine CN 74

Florentine  CN 74

Passing by on the River Clyde 1980.

    built by Jimmy Noble, Mallaig Mhor OB315.
    This photo was taken after she moved South of the border. Her wheelhouse and top-stroke were still varnished when she left Carradale and she was rigged for fishing clams.
    Arrived in Plymouth in the mid/late 70's rigged for scalloping by Chris 'fanny' Giles, smart ship she was too :cheers:

    Left here in about 1979/80, this can't have been too long after he sold her on, the gantry aft looks like the one Ian Herd fabricated :cheers:
    Sold to Carradale oct59 .

    hunter of flying heedbutts
    Dec 20 2009 08:41 PM
    when in mallaig im ledto believe she was owned by duncan an ronnie gillies
    When in Mallaig she belong to Duncan,[ Porter] and Ronnie his brother, they were the first Mallaig boat at the Prawn Trawl worked out of Stornoway for 9wks, Porter alway got his share of herring at the ringnet,  good fellows to go to sea with.