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westery swell

westery swell

Heavy sea running.
Wonder who this is???

    looks like one of that danish built boats. is it the patrick c or the ocean pioneer by any chance?
    Would make a good shot for a 'Mystery Vessel' competition  :cheers:


    Steve E.

    Kevin Munro
    Dec 09 2009 08:37 PM
    Aye Nick, one o them i reckon, Ocean Pioneer or the Dillon Owen or the Sean Oisin (ex Ardent)?
    ardent, dillon owen atlantic quest guiding star all have a lifting pole off the forrit mast there. patrick c and ocean pioneer lift in aft. no pole forrit. thats why i reckon its one of them 2. i hope theres another photo to find out!!
    there is a lifting pole right enough. must be the dillon owen or sean oisin then!!
    Aye boys you are very warm but no ones making a concrete decision.
    Not the best quality the photo but its no bad.
    Come on then lads who is it?
    No doubt, it is S. 45 Ocean Pioneer....