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pansy and others...

pansy and others...

got a pile of old pictures sent from the previous owner, need to get scanning, he reckons this is aberdeen early 60's

    The big boat astern o' the Pansy is the Ability KY 53.  Walter Reekie built 1954.
    The scans would be a nice Chrissy present Mark,  :cheers:
    I'll have a word with santa then!

    Dec 08 2009 10:27 PM
    outside boat is BOY DAVID BF.361

    { Lowflier }
    Jan 26 2010 02:13 PM
    The boat between the Pansy and the Boy David is the Radiance also from Whitehills.
    The one inside of the Pansy is the Avoca from Buckie
    Lucky you !!!  Lovely piccy...great boats !  ???
    Debra  :(