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    doosan v10 main engine getting lifted into new Willing , currently under construction in stranraer
    what h.p does this put out?
    I think it is the 650hp version
    plenty putt ere,,notice a big big diffrence fa old boat ats for sure,haha
    how much would an engine like that cost
    30 year ago that would have been 3 times that size to get that sort of horsepower.
    it is very small for 650hp

    Iain Maciver SY
    Sep 11 2011 08:15 PM
    Throw away engines, not built to last like the old ones.

    Martin Johns
    Sep 11 2011 08:42 PM
    The engine installed 30 years ago that would have been three times as big as this would have lasted at least ten times as long though. I can't remember the exact saying but its something along the lines of "there's no substitute for cubes".
    Sadly naturally aspirated engines are largely a thing of the past.
    turbo and super charged engines are more efficient than naturally aspirated engines. Fact of it is, almost everyone wants the most power from the smallest, cheapest unit possible.