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Rays Bream

Rays Bream

    Must be quite a few being caught Kev - saw one on sale in a Newcastle Fish Shop (Grainger market) yesterday  :cheers:


    Steve E.
    spanish deep water fish so im told we caught two of them up at the firth of forth last week my pal had on too global warming or what caught in 22 fathom normally deep water  :cheers: :cheers:

    Kevin Munro
    Dec 04 2009 02:51 AM
    we have had a few this year but anytime we get them there is always 2 of them.
    been the odd one caught from the shore in the last month.  Off the rocks south of the tyne
    look just  same as da ones we get in nz O0
    Reported this year catches also in North Sea. That fish was usually caught in the coastal waters specially in morocco area and so. is pelagic fish catched with longliners usually.
    It looks same thath fish from NZ and same as from Falkland Is. Anyway the fish catched in the coast retains more fat and is vry nice, Fish which is in bottom is usually just a pile of fishbones inside some scales...