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boat yard on clyde

boat yard on clyde

shemaron waiting for lift out

    Manx Venture
    Nov 18 2009 04:58 PM
    any more pics of the two boys how she is now? boat against the wall far right?
    i will be going back in the next few days, i will take some pics then


    Young Knoxy
    Nov 18 2009 05:36 PM
    ocean gem 2nd from outside just reciently moved from her berth in troon harbour. Anyone know whats happening to her

    Manx Venture
    Nov 18 2009 05:42 PM
    ok, thanks chris, i did here two boys was cut up but obviously not! good to see shes still afloat
    where abouts are these boats lying in clyde??
    river clyde boat co, east rothesay dock

    Brian Ward TT24
    Nov 19 2009 08:52 PM
    Never mind the gps what about the anchor.  Ocean Gem looks big alongside and I note Shemaron looks to have settled at the stern. Oh yes Chris...baby grandson today Oscar Benjamin a good Tarbert name!!!
    congratulations brian, you dont look old enough to be a grandad, or then again maybe you do, Shemaron looks a bit lost next to all those big boats maybe bit lower at back with fullish tanks tip of rudder just breaking surface

    the french built boat beside two boys is up for sale on another site.   www.clydeboatyard.co.uk/
    Ocean Gem was lifted out of the water last week,
    it needs some repair on a couple of planks where it was rubbing on a quay or ladder for a while but otherwise is in good condition i believe it is owned by the yard and is for sale
    the machine that lifted the boat can register the weight Ocean Gem was 55tons Shemaron was 32 , quite a difference