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Lindeadar BA.288

Lindeadar  BA.288

    Interesting background - where was this one taken Dave?


    Steve E.
    Looks like the North wall at Seahams North Dock Steve,,,,,,,,,a few years ago mind  :fishin:
    You can see the remains of the coal drops wooden structure on the wall above her bow.......  those were the days   (NOT)  :fishin:
    Thats joe carvers auld boat, is'nt it paul ?................... >D :fishin:
    It is marra,,,,,I think it was once called the Boy James but not sure on that one

    Boy Cameron
    Jun 18 2010 03:38 PM
    Yes, I'm quite sure she was Boy James, the famous Alan Blackwell - aka Blackie, from Stranraer, had her in the 80's, remember her fishing from Garlieston now and again, he bought her from Fleetwood probably, late 70's.
    Hi Guys. I remember when Joe bought the boat, it was painted Blue and it was called the Boy James, He RE-Named the boat after his Kids Linzi, Dean, Darren.