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Yelly wellies and a white topped cheesecutter next?

    Very nice Ronnie & you look the part, I can see you & Sandra in Tob with the G&T's

    johntar tt10
    Nov 03 2009 06:53 PM
    Idle rich springs to mind

    bryan DE127
    Nov 03 2009 07:45 PM
    hes has learnd a bit of wit in his later years have a sail when you want to no poor days with the pink jin boys. :gunsout:

    Nov 03 2009 08:06 PM
    idle rich?-an him a fisherman, unless he sold a purser-more like just bloody idle like the rest of us! :gunsout:

    young ronnie
    Nov 03 2009 09:27 PM
    There's just aboot room at the stern for a Stuarts 16 wi' a grass rope,and if I get a couple of wee bits of rubber matting on the quarters so the doors winnae scratch the gel coat then...... :gunsout:
    Did you dress to match the boat young ronnie?  Very colour co-ordinated lol  :)