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Maid of Erin CT.116

Maid of Erin CT.116

built J.Nobles Fraserburgh for my great uncle, thats him in the wheelhouse and thats my other great uncle at the back of the wheelhouse.

    She was a fine roomy boat this one Cam do you know where she end up?
    great picture black and white wouldnt be the same in colour
    looks very similar to the white rose ringnetman.
    Yes JAMES she was well kept this boat I'm not sure but I think he used to go to the ringing with this one. Cam Watterson would know. yes like the White Rose

    Cam Watterson
    Mar 27 2010 12:36 PM
    she ended up at Port Askaig looking in a sorry state with grass growing up through her deck (that was the last time grandad was fishing up there 70s 80s), he thinks she might of been scuttled. she never did ringing, she did sieneing escalloping and prawning.

    johntar tt10
    Mar 27 2010 01:37 PM
    Fished out of Port Ellen, came to Tarbert and slipped to get a new stern post, worm was found, finished up in Port Askaig where Archie MacCallum put in an offer for her but that fell through when TT harbour board refused to let her in to harbour.
    should get some of the talented artists on here to do this in pencil it would be brilliant!!

    Cam Watterson
    Mar 28 2010 01:34 AM
    Johntar a chap was telling me that Port st Mary was bad for worm how wright that is I don't know most likly Cam Waterson would know.