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Bit of Diving on Holiday

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  • Uploaded: Oct 27 2009 06:02 PM
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Bit of Diving on Holiday

Divvy on holiday - Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA - 22nd September 2009.

    Adoration II
    Oct 27 2009 06:45 PM
    is diwwy a new sport high tower
    you may have to explain what divvy means in the North East. Ho Ho Ho. :gunsout:
    Aye well Wack, its really a Scouse term, but much used in my youth of the 60's/70's in the North East - possibly as a result of the likes of 'The Boys From The Blackstuff' and the rash of TYV programs that came out of the Mersey at that time.

    DIVVY = Idiot/Fool/Nutter  :gunsout:


    Steve E.