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Seal or Sea Lion

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  • Uploaded: Oct 27 2009 05:57 PM
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Seal or Sea Lion

Seal or Sea Lion - not sure which - seen in SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida USA. Must be an ideal job - getting fed by the visitors all day! - photographed 18th September 2009.

    Adoration II
    Oct 27 2009 06:46 PM
    either way u shoulda got a gun and shot the lot
    looking at the whiskers steve it could be related to the missus :gunsout:

    Martin Johns
    Oct 27 2009 11:54 PM
    Californian sea lion.
    Look at that cheeky b****rd smiling at the fishermen.  1 shot wi a .22 at the root of his ear , would wipe the smile affen his mug. Ask anybody that drftnetted for salmon aboot them.....                                             John  :gunsout: :gunsout:
    i totally agree with you john they are vermin. i spent 2 seasons at the salmon in the eighties and they dont just  take one  fish they will destroy them all and when you haul out to move away  they follow you .:gunsout: :o :o :gunsout:
    Well this one won't be doing any 'damage' he's safely behind locked gates and 50 miles inland from the Sea  :gunsout:


    Steve E.

    Adoration II
    Oct 29 2009 10:11 AM
    still better shooting the c u next tuesday incase it escapes
    sealion with ears, seal without. All better off with a 22 between the eyes