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ah bisto

ah bisto

    christ scratcher a thot that was bushy the pie eater when a seen the photo

    Adoration II
    Nov 07 2008 06:05 PM
    i i maddog lol

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Nov 07 2008 06:20 PM
    Obviously the shaving light in his bunk is not fixed yet.

    Adoration II
    Nov 07 2008 06:25 PM
    haha he couldnt get in his bunk sure after the apple
    just goes to show you you dont need to be good looking to be good at the job bisto the legend has it down to a T

    Adoration II
    Nov 07 2008 07:51 PM
    wats tat jammy the growth
    hope he shaved his arse in RO rikki ? or is that why e got p 45

    Adoration II
    Nov 07 2008 09:01 PM
    wouldnt no scratcher ud no better about that yin sure he put the glove on 2 gie u a hand
    aye maddog you must be thinkin young bushy getting very good looking.ovaaaar
    ye huvnae a pound hae ye? lol