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Bahati A 307

Bahati  A 307

Steamin oot o Aberdeen.

    Now in Kilkeel painted red
    I had some good times aboard her 25 years ago!
    I bet you did bod! Still keep in touch wi' Ian, he never gets ony aulder!
    A'v never seen Ian for years now, I did hear that he had an antique shop on the go! Good man to go to sea with.

    king pin R018
    Sep 12 2010 06:18 PM
    now working out of girvan.  ??? ???
    whos got it kp?
    Ian Spiers fae Girvan is skipper on her Kilkeel owned   ???
    Belongs to the Orrs of kilkeel. Same lads that own the Stardust
    really nice boat lying in troon the now