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Rhibinn Donn on sea trials

Rhibinn Donn on sea trials

The Scalpay Ringer Rhibinn Donn on sea trials off Girvan

    What a cracking picture!  Blows up really well also.   :crazy2:

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 21 2009 08:45 AM
    Have the same image
    It was a publicity shot sent to the fishing trade publications at the time of the boat's trials

    young ronnie
    Oct 21 2009 08:51 AM
    Wid bring a tear tae a gless ee that pic...a belter...(the photo is as bonny as the boat )
    I remember when she was launched, unfortunately couldnt be there too young at the time, but we had some of the crew stay with us. She was the first of 4 Nobles boats to come to Scalpay, the Jasper, Village Maid, I was at the launch of these two, the Vigilant and Ribhinn Donn II. Beautiful boats.
    is that a box for gas bottles aft of the lum?:coolsmiley::coolsmiley:
    or a coal box??

    Apr 07 2011 04:40 AM
    Think it was the gas box, but everything changed when trawl winch went aboard, a good sea boat and could handle some weather, they don't build them like that now.