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Seton Queen

Seton Queen

Seton Queen lying in Dunbar in late 1950s

    i thought the weatherhead 40ftr in st peters basin a couple of years ago was  Seton Queen, but this looks bigger and is it it poss a Reekie boat ?

    young ronnie
    Oct 21 2009 10:27 PM
    As far as I can mind Adam Johnstone's  Seton Queen was built by Weatherheads in Eyemouth.She was about 48ft. or thereabouts,88 in her.Nice pic that with the dredger there..the bairns(myself included)aye managed to get a jeely piece off the cook..happy days indeed.

    Captain v.E.
    Oct 22 2009 10:45 PM
    Aye, Ronnie, yer rite. Built Eyemouth 1950, launch party included Wina Stewart, the first Seton Queen.
    Was she lost round about the Mull-o- Galloway on passage after she was sold, I seem to remember a Gentleman from Portseton telling me the story, which got better as the licquor flowed.
    the lifeboats not in its berth,??????mebey a call out??
    the shed opposite the dredger was where the wimmin tailed the [prawns ,and got paid for it .. unlike now the men dont get paid for actually tailing them,,,
    by the look of the SETON QUEEN she,s mebey rigged for seine net i see a dhan there,
    but it wouldn,t be hard to have a prawn net aboard too,,+boards..
    I Ringnet man ur right i must have been the PORT SETON man who told u the story as i was the only man from Port Seton aboard when she was lost when where did we meet