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Orcades BCK 67

Orcades  BCK 67

Buckie harbour 1969

    Will taylor
    Mar 25 2010 01:54 AM
    Launched from Thomsons BCK.  Now in Stornoway being converted.  Recent name Strathspey II sat in Lochinver for a couple of years.

    Thats right she is lying in Stornaway, I hear starting to look a wee bittie neglected, aye its a gey big job doing a conversion on a boat this size, good starn photie o' her.


    Iain Maciver SY
    Mar 30 2010 02:53 PM
    Had a wee look down her hold yesterday and she is slowly sitting lower in the water as she is slowly filling up! I'm guessing there's nobody looking after her so i'm sure before long she'll sink alongside. Her owner obviously doesn't care much!

    Thats a right shame to read that, was a Tappys o' Buckie build and they built right good boats, I think I will have to invest more into the Lottery and see if I can get her afore sinking LOL