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Strathspey II

Strathspey II

Strathspey II berthed in Stornoway. She lay in Lochinver for a few years before this. She was supposed to be getting converted but i think she is now for sale or was for sale a couple of months ago. There is an online blog from the guy who has or had her which is quite good. She had a small engineroom fire recently too.

Ex Shimanda BCK96

Was built as Orcades by Thomsons at Buckie

    sold to new owners about 2 months ago

    the blog is still up at http://mv-strathspey.blogspot.com/
    Commin into Buckie 1969  :crazy2:   http://www.trawlerpi...a=view;id=20798
    Diddy Mans old boat Orcades.