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Amethyst BCK 80

Amethyst  BCK 80

Lying in Blyth mid 80's.

    hi Ally, good photo.  lying at middle jetty.  built by forbes at Sandhaven in 1949.  length  70ft.  decom.1993
    Hi Dave, Blyth used to see a lot of visitors from Buckie in them days.
    You mean the pubs did Ally  :crazy2:


    Steve E.
    :crazy2:   aye they did a roaring trade as well Steve.
    A lot of them are closed down now though Ally - don't know if you ever ventured into the Golden Fleece but that one's been demolished  :crazy2:


    Steve E.
    Probably have but just cant remember Steve, last time i was down Oddfellows was our local, the barmaids never even asked what we wanted, she would just see us commin in and know what we drank, now thats service for ye  :crazy2: