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Seeker on the stocks

Seeker on the stocks

Peter John Campbell's Seeker on the stocks at Nobles yard in Girvan, almost ready to launch. The tripod has been fabricated but not hoisted into position at this point.

Picture by Alisdair MacLeod, Scalpay on his trip down to pick up Ribhinn Donn II.

    Is she slightly shorter than Alliance and Village Belle etc. Maybe it is just the angle?  I am not sure if there were differences in length amongst this type of nobles design?  Great picture indeed.  I have not seen one this early in a boats life!

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 13 2009 12:02 PM
    She's a good deal shorter ... 12m versus 18m for the Belle
    An official 40 footer
    ex amble

    Iain Maciver SY
    Oct 16 2009 07:24 PM
    Sank in the North Minch in July/August 2004 i think after running into the Shiant Islands.