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Halcyons Engine

Halcyons Engine

Halcyons Kelvin still got a coat of paint, taken through the hole in her hull wouldn't go on her she is likely to collapse

    what a wast of a good engine,you never know it might start with a bit of help,them old engines was made to last
    Would probably shake the boat apart if the engine was fired up  :crazy2:


    Steve E.

    When my 16 yrs old son said is the wood supposed to be this soft I knew that she wouldn't shack her self to bits the engine would fall through the bottom. She realy is that bad, it would be a brave man that would go on her, she should be pulled over before she falls on someone.

    what kelvin is it ?
    Hi Chris

    It's a T4, not sure what the reduction is on the box

    See you at the weekend

    the gas cookers not looking too good

    Dec 06 2009 09:03 PM
    Trying to send PM to BigAlan but his private message box is full....