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Keldine Lass SN.75

Keldine Lass   SN.75

Keldine SN.53.   Keldine Lass  SN.75.  Jacaben  BM.37.  Morven OB.37

    keldine and keldine lass were 2 different boats dave
    :crazy2:   its gettin more complicated
    spoke 2 chubby 2day he said he will cum on here and tell us were they all went he was 1 ov kelly's hero's

    quiet waters
    Oct 26 2009 12:01 PM
    nearly bought her back in 1989, and another of the same which a manny called mcpherson had at the time, for the life of me the name has gone from the memory banks but i did see her for sale on a site last year for the same price she was going for 20 yrs previous, tho she'd had her shelterdeck removed, theres acracker of a one for sale here, well kept over the years in first class nick too with a track record that would be hard to beat.