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Campbeltown on Coronation Day

Campbeltown on Coronation Day

The Campbeltown ring net fleet dressed for the Queen's coronation on 2nd June 1952. Taken from the deck of the Clyde Puffer 'Pibroch'.

Another tantaliser from LP Records

    O0  A bloody wonderful photo, look at those varnished hulls ,  :crazy2:
    keep them coming dunard before he pulls the plug
    He'll probably skin me alive for the last couple of days!

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 10 2009 09:11 AM
    Hey Dunard
    I've been keeping a very low profile these past few weeks, what with work and one thing and another
    Haven't even touched the ringer model!
    Anyway, I'm sort of back qand psyching myself up to get back on with the model
    The Coronation Day pix are nothing short of remarkable
    Are they early(ish) Kodak images or what?  For sure, whatever system it was, colour was bloody expensive then  
    It's pix like these that show how beautiful ringnetters were in their heyday and how colourful life could be, even in 1950s Britain  Though 50s born in the UK, I was raised in Canada and New Zealand and so never experienced that post-war period which historians tell us was pretty dismal
    Do please keep such images coming. They're wonderful
    I'm not sure of the source of these pics, but they are remarkable in both colour and detail.
    aye, brilliant to see

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 10 2009 10:57 AM
    So who's gonnae play "spot the ringer"?
    row ahead jessie cni94 janet lang  margaret newton nearest sea nymph cn70
    boat outside sea nymph cn77 maybe seafarer
    great photo, middle of second row same back end as Mary Mclean ,