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Girl Zena

Girl Zena

Dougie Shaw's Girl Zena approaching the Old Quay in Campbeltown 1981

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    johntar tt10
    Oct 09 2009 08:40 PM
    Ex Boy Danny of Avoch

    homeward bound
    Oct 09 2009 09:40 PM
    seem to remember the wheelhouse of the girl zena was fitted on nigel mc crindles 40ft concord early 80s ?

    Captain v.E.
    Oct 09 2009 10:46 PM
    crackin pic o a bonny boat.
    think ur right HB wheel house built by matha and donna(neil) mc dougall in carradale they also built a similar one for dougies brother murry shaw who owned the jasmine
    was she built as the amalthea cn143 dunard or am on wrong track
    Not sure, perhaps George will know.
    Not sure either has a look of the Amalthea ?
    George- mac she was the AMALTHEA sold from CN to Seahouses if I mind right Dave Patience  did'nt get her from Seahouses it was some where else when he got her she was a midden, Dave bought her to replace the MARGARITE he lost her at the summer ISLES  mid 60's. he neeboured his brother Sandy bhan that had the Marigold.
    Wheelhouse did go on Nigel's boat, and the licence went on to ( I think) the Boy Andrew.

    quiet waters
    Oct 26 2009 12:14 PM
    nay aye, doogie, pic must have been taken early 80's as doogie was crewing for me aboard the jasmine by 84 after the old man's first heart attack, 22 and wet behind the ears with doogie and douglas snr and jnr to contend with, plus kemmel for a spell shipmates !! not sure who it is with back to camera, might even be oor duggie as he had a spell aboard her when i left school in 78, up on the bow is jakie boo wareham and aft is duncan "wendell" wilkinson, a cracking pic of a CN boat, unlike a lot of the pish thats ended up in recent publications where this skipper doesn't even rate a mention