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Nan McMurra

Nan McMurra

The Campbeltown ringer Nan McMurra on Coronation Day
2nd June 1953

Another LP Record

    Another classic is that the regina & stella astern & the hind alongside
    Yes George,

    That's them

    Apr 13 2011 03:23 PM
    the nan mc murra was sold out of campbeltown   not  long after this was taken to william   palmer   and sons where she    fished   for long time from portavogie at the herring   and seinenetting later to end up trawling as the seinenetting was    on the way out    before     being sold after the  sons of the late william palmer   finshed fishing  to ardglass. later on ending up in the isle of  man.

    Apr 13 2011 03:33 PM
    not long after this photo   was   taken of the    ringers  with the nan mc murra  being sold out of   campbeltown to new owers   in portavogie    namely. willian palmer and   sons  was given the new name of pathway  where she fished for  over thirty years  at herring and whitefish before getting rigged  for   the trawling   untill the sons of the late   willian palmer    namely, david, and james finished fishing and was sold onto ardglass    where she fished for few years untill being sold to isle of    man.