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mary bain tt35

mary bain tt35

fill o the twa dishes from the soon o the inch

    Great photo swival looks like the bandmaster at the winch
    thats your man george leave rest of crew to dowler.happier days george when u see the shape of it at the present moment

    johntar tt10
    Oct 06 2009 05:07 PM
    Never were big grunkeepers , thats wan of Howie's by the way, in the sound of the Inch Swivel, home of wee herring atween the farms.
    a man made a comment this morning any money he made at the job was mixed herring .are u not going to have a go at naming two in hold
    Two that come to mind are Jeely and the buffer but I'm probabley as far away as my first you no whit.

    johntar tt10
    Oct 06 2009 05:53 PM
    Jeez they're no even mixed swivel, had a ring atween the farms one night with the Destiny and Toga insisted they were all right, so put the riddle on, what a feckin sarach riddling we had, any way got 20 baskets out of a 4 or 5 hunner ring, Neil Hairy said thats what we deserved for listing to a man who if he was no the worst for ware then was certainly sobered up after !! 20 baskets sowl roll over, Big Jeke wasny a happy chappy either
    big neilly mcfarlane and peter capaldi
    count o the herring then wid be aboot 600 to the basket on saying that i think there would be a scatter o baskets off that morning

    johntar tt10
    Oct 06 2009 06:08 PM
    Think that would be about right, chappies or meal?
    aye aye dowler ur very quiet tonight does that not put trim on you