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700 boxes of dogs drying out

700 boxes of dogs drying out

The tide is dropping with 500 of the 700 boxes of dogfish still in the net.

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    Gary Sutherland
    Sep 27 2009 09:09 PM
    What's the story behind this pic?
    Look for photos on the same theme.
    think they were having some problems or poor fishing finlay and went into ireland for something came back out and filled her with this haul???
    i remember it being in the fishing news at the time just cant say if that is fully correct or not anybody can correct me if i am wrong O0
    I bet you wish you could have problems like that!
    well i would no be complaining finlay if i had to tow a bet full o fish in that is for sure oh the thoughts and dreams of it
    is that ramsey harbour there in
    Apparently they had gone into Workington with very little doing and had put a pile of new ropes on the reels. They went back out to soak the ropes and thought they had gone fast on ground and expected the net to come up in pieces.

    When the wing ends came up there were large dogs meshed everywhere and they realised what they had.