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700 of dogs

700 of dogs

Tommy Finn beached the Gleaner in Ramsay, Isle of Man in May 1998 after taking 700 boxes of dogfish in one haul.

Another LP Record

    Kevin Munro
    Sep 26 2009 09:29 AM
    Cracking photo!!

    Adoration II
    Sep 26 2009 04:39 PM
    cracking pic lachie
    anybody got the story behind this photo ...how did they go aboot gettin them boxed up and landed etc ...they did well to get them in there withoot  losing the lot....

    homeward bound
    Sep 26 2009 05:50 PM
    seem to remember the  ins faithful  doing the same in campbeltown wi a haul o dogs
    Correct Homeward Bound, I think that was around 1980. I can remember them being stacked up on the Old Quay. I have a funny feeling that it was Wee Mo that was hired to help clear them. Quiet Waters would maybe remember that. This is only one of a series of photos starting with the net coming to the surface and finally clearing them from the net using a crane and a platform. I will try and scan some more of them in the morning and post them.

    Sep 27 2009 12:15 AM
    mind this being in the fishing news at the time.

    quiet waters
    Sep 29 2009 02:32 AM
    wee alex was andy jack's man in the toon, always kept an eye on the boat if they were away home and would have been front and centre for the dogs, happened more than once with andy, every couple of years he'd get a big lift that needed towed in, had one ourselves my very first week at sea after leaving school, all downhill from there!!
    this was the mid 90's,as she was beryl bf411 till 1995/96.she was sold then to make way for the new beryl to tommy finn,remember seeing this in the fishing news but i cant remember the story
    as usual with dogs, it was totally lucked.The divide was 3500 but LP only got 1750 cos he spent the two days taking photos and boring the pants off the locals wi ring-net yarns and bob dylan stats. :crazy2:
    You are terrible sore on LP Mr MaGill!