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Kathryn BRD 447 - ex ringer

Kathryn BRD 447 - ex ringer

Nice conversion looks like a Mc Millan Fairlie boat
anybody got any history on her

    Just found out she was built in 1948 as St Clair BA 330
    was she built for port seton replaced by the lah a rio
    She could have been , somebody might come up with the history
    built as st clair for girvan then she was kathryn brd not sure after that

    Sep 20 2009 11:24 AM
    I, think your spot on with that swivel, there is no much you dont know
    I remember the Kathryn BRD 447 neighbours with the Mary-Ann . thanks for the info swivel I didn't know
    that was her
    think there was another fairlie boat in the brd fleet called the castle moil george
    I thats right the Castle Moil BRD 360 was'nt unlike the Kathryn
    Was on her today in Tarbert. Fantastic detail. Built Fairlie in 48, sister boat to Golden West/ Venture but without step deck. Was replanked by the current owner, original copper composite nails reused during build, 2 double bed cabins ahead of wht was the hold, now lower saloon. Shower room etc. Engine now a John Deer!. I took a photo of her in Stonehaven in the mid/ late 90's was called daybreak then. Hull and deck finish has to be seen to be believed.


    Sep 21 2009 08:36 PM
    It was the beatons that had the kathryn, at the ringnet out of skye, swivel can you no remember, it was mentioned in the skye boat song, (over the skye to sea)