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evelyn bck97 enterprise ins293

evelyn bck97  enterprise ins293

discharging herring at ullapool

    Swivel the EVELYN and ENTERPRISE both at the Drifts here the EVELYN & CONCORD went to the Drifts a good bit.
    aye ringnet man a noticed it was drifts they were at would it be long after that willie mcaffer got the evelyn
    Swivel. The Afton Water built for Peter&  John Murray 1948, 1950/1 the Murrays changed her name to EVELYN for a reason, What year did Willie Gorrie lose the G/GLEAM thats when he got the EVE.. that'll let you know how old she was, I can't remember what year that was, I know she went before the CONCORD Peter had the CON a few years before he got the new one built at Jimmy Nobles, Do you remember the new Concord cabin aft he used to neebour the Aurora John McCREATH.Girvan.
    i think a heard w dixon saying evelyn was built 1946 .think gleam was lost 1954 willie canna remember concord before my time.
    Swivel. W. Dixon will be right Jimmy Noble was building boats faster than they could make rocks in Blackpool. between 1945/1950 he built a hell of a ringers, the EVELYN as willie can tell you were good boats great to lie to a net, one of J/NOBS that he built for Mallaig called SPINDRIFT, 166/170 cran that boat would carry, where better a boat than the OAK LEA she was another that carried a lot, But SWivel as you know you had to catch them before you could carry them. The finest feeling in the world when you were all redup washed down hatch cover on net tied down fenders aboard all ropes made safe, light off oilskin off down the focsle for a cup of tea and a peace before you set the watch, Swivel do you still have a cup of tea and a peace, I  don't it's called a sandwich now the old peace is gone.
    aye ringnetman i think willie said they would put 160 odd cran oot the evelyn a big cargo for the size o the boats and the passages they were making .right ur leaving me hungry im away for a piece on jeely.
    Swivel. The Enterprise was a FIFIE bonny boat I think she went to Scalpay from ACH I might be wrong I know one of them from Avoch went there, John McCONN...... phoned last night lot of scatan cought in a hour. Swivel hope you enjoyed your piece and jeely,
    aye ringnetman talking to wee johns old neebor yesterday on tarbert quay jim campbel we were rolling over the cork
    Swivel next time your talking to Jim Campbell ask him has he been to Pabbay sound latly, I'v just come back from Inverness lot of appearance from the Munlochy up to the Ferry, also in the  THORNBUSH. Swivel I think the best pair at the moment is The Grouse & The Bells they catch a wild sotter when they get together.
    Did the Enterpise not become SY296?  I think she ended up in Northern Ireland via Helmsdale