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proud father

proud father

my baby daughter

    Nice one James - they certainly don't stay that small for very long  :cheers:


    Steve E.
    they're great at that size, don't last long though so make the most of it!
    Ooooooo aint that sweet  O0  Congrats on the new arrival Jammy, enjoy them when there that size  :cheers:

    young ronnie
    Sep 12 2009 12:55 PM
    Letting ye look efter a boat,that's wan thing,but letting ye look efter a bairn? !! She's a wee belter James and as Mark says,savour the moment,they soon grow up.Orrabest.
    Congratlutions Jammy all the best to you and the family :cheers: O0

    bryan DE127
    Sep 12 2009 03:27 PM
    All the best Jammy you canny beat having family round you but when she reaches teens she will be very  dear to run i know as i have one. :cheers:
    Congrats jammie m8
    Well done bud u,ll b up 2 ur neck n shitty nappies like ma self, b glad 2 go 2 sea n get a nap.
    Congratulations.. Jammy.. Your no " firing blanks " anyway...Fair play te ye  and good luck te the wean.....  :cheers: ;) O0
    would like to say she is in safe hands but..................jj we ave seen you in action?:cheers:?;)?;),better away out pampers aint cheap ba bag O0 :D :from the crew