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Valkyrie UL 100

Valkyrie  UL 100

    Young Knoxy
    Sep 11 2009 10:54 PM
    cracking pics there kev

    young ronnie
    Sep 11 2009 11:07 PM
    Gaun tae the stem heid towing?..they're shairly hardy chiels them lads Kev :cheers:
    Crackin photos Kev, Simon will be fair impressed we this en's  :cheers:
    what goes up must come......

    Cam Watterson
    Aug 15 2012 07:02 PM
    dont think you could queenie trawl in that weather, every shovel full you get in the machine is followed by about ten shovels that go over the other side of the boat, and then you end up head buttin the machine lol, great photos Kev