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Provider - AH71

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Provider - AH71

Provider - AH71 seen here in Royal Quays Marina, North Shields, Port of Tyne (North East England) on 19th October 2008.

Built in Arbroath - 1972 and with an Arbroath registration (both Scotland). Appears to have a Home Port of Troon (Scotland).

A wooden built Trawler she has a registered tonnage of 60 and measures in metres, 16.83 length x 5.58  breadth x 1.85 draft.

    built for whitby owners and worked from whitby for many years sold some time in 90s when she was in whitby http://www.trawlerpi...;sa=view;id=697
    ross watson from killwinning in ayrshire owns her has so for a good few year now
    Hi Paul

    Yes I noticed your photograph whilst she was in Whitby - change in colour these days  ;)


    Steve E
    Jammmmy think u'l find Ross stays in Dundonald now and has done for a while
    didna know he was there
    last i new he was in killwinning new a neighbour o his murray
    thought it was kilmaurs he used to stay in , he still has a house there as well as one of the new ones in dundonald.
    This boat is currently sitting in Burntisland harbour.  She is getting the deck covers taken off her appears not to be fishing!  She does look in very good condition will post a picture soon.

    Big Alan
    Hi Alan

    Is Burntisland Harbour accessible by members of the public - i.e. for photography?


    Steve E.
    Did this one fished out of Scrabster for a while after Whitby,?
    Did this one fished out of Scrabster for a while after Whitby,?