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The gun

The gun

A long time since this "gun" was fired in anger! It saw a few campaigns...sprats in the South Firth and the West Coast in the 60s,Beauly in the 70s and a few weeks at the herring pair trawl out of Tarbert.A lot safer than the spring loaded gun but a bugger to open if it was hammered in too tight...the "high tech" of its day!!

    aye ronnie, but a five hour tow for f*ck all, if it was'nt hammered in tight enough......... :cheers: O0

    young ronnie
    Sep 07 2009 10:04 PM
    And a booted ar*e for the eejit that didnae tie a back-knot in the rope so it couldnae pull out :cheers:

    Sep 08 2009 12:15 PM
    when we were towing we tied the codend knot over the top of the gun-just in case-we only used the gun for taking in lifts-then just hit it a shot on a pound board to close it (not to tight).
    We were forever busting the pin, catch a turn round the stringer as the codend came aboard and bang another pin required lol
    And poor jock was always to blame............... ;) ;) :cheers: O0
    That was his job MARRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA he used to blame the bulk and we shouldn't take 2 lifts at once with the becket
    luckily never seen one of these heavin and it open but had the nightmare of opening it a few times takin turns roon winches and a thing,,,a have see the twins comin up and both codends na tyed aye both,,and they both went away tyed honest,haha