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Constant Hope Crew June 1988

Constant Hope Crew June 1988

Tom 'Shaft' Robertson, Donald 'Jura' Youngson and Raymond Gosling living the life of Riley aboard the Carradale trawler Constant Hope.

    Adoration II
    Sep 07 2009 03:17 PM
    nice clean fenders prob scrubbed before pic was taken  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    Fishermans Friend
    Sep 07 2009 05:01 PM
    Ah, poacher turned gamekeeper there!!!
    ray was telln me that this was the day "moogs" had them painting the gallows while towing.... :cheers:
    And look at how well they look. Just that plate on the deck still needing done.
    boilersuits to match! lol
    must have been taken after the new engine went in as they have their "CAT HATS" on! :cheers:
    And the gallows and fairleads match the new winch!
    single mark on the wire is a dead giveaway that they are south of carra....moogs loved it ther.....small prawns and plenty of them! :cheers:

    quiet waters
    Sep 29 2009 03:14 AM
    don't ever remember raymond being that young? he's even younger there than bates would be at the time, and this  would around the time he would be painting a winch without cleaning the grease off her!!! i can still hear the skipper chastising him and dougal john on charlie's slip like it was yesterday. we were lying outside our store waiting for them to come off so we could go up