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Erica CN 179

Erica CN 179

Erica in August 1983 off Cloanaig with sprats through the herring. Remembrance passing boxes over to go to Tarbert.

Can anyone name all the stars of yesteryear on board?

Another LP Record

    billy"the greaser"martindale,angus paterson,attie paterson,"red dougie" campbell,?,"wee jim" campbell,archie"lochie" paterson,? think the next one is "the vandal"?? dont kno who the boy is next to him.
    Easy now Bates, look again
    is that archie bob beside wee jim?
    Yes and Coutts on the cod end with Jamie astern of him.

    quiet waters
    Sep 29 2009 03:22 AM
    attie wae his hands in his pockets as fuckin usual!!! thought i was going to get brownie points for knowing it was el bucketano that was the boy but i should have looked at the contributors name first and known he'd only have been a wee boy himself, 1983, my old man took three months off then gret when i took two weeks when i got married in the november!!!