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Monarch and Remembrance

Monarch and Remembrance

A good shot of herring for the Carradale boats Monarch skippered by James Tait Rennie and Remembrance, skippered by Archie Bob McMillan. Sept 83

Another LP Record

    Is this the Monarch that belonged to Charlie Ewen from Macduff, he built the Attain BF97 and sold the Monarch to his brother Addie Ewen.I started fishing aboard here at age 15 with Addie fishing over at the Whitehouses and down at Jungle.Moved on to the Attain with his brother Charlie and put in many long hours hauling ropes away from coiler at the seine net.Good old days ;D
    A good chance that it is the same boat. I am sure that she came to Carradale in the mid 70s.

    young ronnie
    Dec 11 2010 08:47 PM
    She was lying in Macduff up for sale in the Summer of 1975.I did have a wee look at her out of interest,and would have given my eye teeth for her,but she was a ticket boat so nae use to me.I mind the date fine as we got the Seagull a wee while after that.
    now ye can get something like a 70ftr. and no need a ticket for it that would dwarf this boat..
    well apart from the new under 16.5 type ticket etc....