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Sapphire CN 174

Sapphire CN 174

'Big' Alec Gillies at the wheel of the Sapphire with 1st mate John Bomber Brown assisting with the navigation.

Another LP Record

    Brilliant photo....

    Adoration II
    Sep 03 2009 06:22 AM
    HARDLY changed a bit the 2off them just colour off hair big alex at the herring this week
    bomber is lake sumthn u wld see in the sex pistols O0
    big alec takin twins aboard this afternoon

    quiet waters
    Sep 29 2009 03:04 AM
    hardly changed? unlike your prescription which overdue for a change, feck sake!!! alec maybe a bit greyer a bit wider in the chin is all, john? haven't seen him since i met him at the top of the hill ootside the hospital and he took my last fag off me, him standing in jammies and slippers, i haven't had one since i was in jammies and slippers myself in january so it must be a year since i've seen him, then again from thirty feet he hasna changed since he was ten !!!, hows his command doing? the setup looked too much like hardwork for me, but thats one thing he was never shy of doin.