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Jasmine CN 110 from LP Records

Jasmine CN 110 from LP Records

The Campbeltown prawner Jasmine CN 110.

Photo from the LP Records collection

    Adoration II
    Sep 01 2009 03:59 AM
    he was just saying 2 me on fri that wee bugger took his photos lol braw pic
    A few more crackers here if I can get them uploaded before he comes through Oban and calls a halt.

    quiet waters
    Sep 01 2009 10:21 AM
    who is that handsome young man on the stern with a needle in his hand AGAIN!!!!, must have been taken early to mid 80's or he'd have been the one hingin oot the winda and the tearin would have had to wait till we got to the quay!! tho i will say that all the needles would have been filled for him, mended no, but everything ready including the kettle.
    Another peek confirms it as early 80's judging by the lack of the frame at back of wheelhouse for the crane that never was, those breathers were cut down and the white vents at deck level removed, carradale co-op boxes so later than 82 but before 84, and my assistant sitting on the stern holding the net for me and keeping me amused, probably singing some daft song, aimed at the photographer no doubt, we had really insulting songs about everyone, especially the herring pairs for some reason? and finally i'll say its a friday judging by the empty looking pond as the baskets would never be stacked there and theres two men on the stern with a hose over the rail, so nobody in the shelter. i remember that kersecky fondly so it must have been summer.
    Must have been at  1986 or 87. The Co-Op didn't get those boxes till then. Plus of course that's the net you made, so it would be 1987 at least.

    quiet waters
    Sep 02 2009 04:22 PM
    its the way that ironwork at the end of the w'hoose looks, it looks blue to my eye when it must be black, the previous metal was blue, i had wondered as i didn't think that exhaust was on top of the wheelhouse till much later, i got fed up of the headaches it used to give me when it was in the wheelhouse, even after several attempts at lagging and boxing it in, and the lift i'm seeing its the two piece one now, hadn't bothered looking at it too closely before, as for the net, its hard to see but what i thought was orange netting on a clean net could well be the hairy chafer on the codend right enough, if its as late as 86-87 it must have been one of his holiday outings, if so wheres the fourth man, if you are not mending the rule is to at least look busy and hose something!!!!
    never looked at the pic at all, now i see boxes on the port deck ready to discharge as well as the ones in the pond, lowish tide so up over the shelter cos the boy in the office was gie stiff arsed.