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Golden West at Oban

Golden West at Oban

Golden West in better times at Oban for the first time after conversion.  Aliped on the beach in the distance take 1980s

    ocean swift
    Aug 31 2009 11:09 PM
    is that the INS vernal on the inside
    I couldn't make out the name but it could well be I do remember that the two guys on her where the oldest fishermen that I had seen still working, hell of a nice guys.


    young ronnie
    Sep 01 2009 12:00 PM
    Cyril's Vernal right enough Alan.He had a crew of auld lads aboard ("James S." was one of them,he's still on the go),and our boys used to call them the geriatric fusiliers when we were in the Passage with them..aye but come landing time they could show us how tae catch stuff...they werenae that geriatric !!(They were good guys all right) Charlie's Aliped viii on the beach,Alistair "Krypton's" Friendly Isle and Oggie John's Girl Norma at the pier...and the wee black boat beside the Aliped belonged to "John the Gas" who skippered the Lismore ferry "Loch Toscaig".Good photo that.