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Shonmora TT.147

Shonmora  TT.147

    dirty dot inside of the shon mora and sheeca astern
    billy was the shonmora the one ted miller bought she had a gardener engine in her . i think albert whiting had it for a while
    Dirty dot  ME45, worked from sunderland, skippered & owned by paul douglas..... O0 ;) ;) ;)
    Aye thats rite terry
    towards the end of her time in shields old albert whitting had a share in her
    so what happened to her was she sold or was she decommisioned. i remember when she first came to shields she was a nice little boat
    she was sold terry west coast i believe unsure if shes still about m8
    cheers billy O0
    went 2 seaham afta shields them maryport
    sure shes in ireland ,painted red dont know if its still fishing peter greig used to own her in port seton