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strange colour of squat

strange colour of squat

    We call them Electric Squats becuse of the Blue strip. I once told a Polish guy that was working with us not to touch as it would give him a belter of a shock .  :whistle: He would not go near it.

    Adoration II
    Aug 25 2009 08:21 PM
    lol great fun ive done it before with other things ;D ;D ;D ;D
    get quite a few in creels here , can you eat them  ;D

    Adoration II
    Aug 26 2009 04:43 AM
    yea u can eat creels eat as many as u can  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    There are 5 species of squat that I know of. The commonest seems to be the long clawed one, Munida Rugosa.
    The one wi' the blue stripes is Galathea Strigosa, usually found on harder ground or less mud than Munida.
    A french lad did his Ph.D. here studying them. They don't seem to move much.
    If you're ever in Millport Bay, look out for squats wiv multicoloured  bellies. These are the ones he tagged. It would be interesting to see if any are caught in the future.
    'Tis time the coo paid mair attention tae whit's on the table apairt fae his denner!! ;D
    on ma face is another species of squat ;D
    aye islander deff the best tasting one aswell could eat that kind all day long

    Adoration II
    Aug 26 2009 06:07 PM
    and 1c again in morning