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PJ Campbell at the wheel of the Seeker

PJ Campbell at the wheel of the Seeker

Peter John Campbell at the wheel of his newly launched Nobles of Girvan built 'Seeker' CN 49.

Photos Courtesy of PJC

    Gary Sutherland
    Aug 21 2009 09:26 PM
    I know they take a lot more looking after but there really is nothing that comes close to a wooden boat, for looks.

    quiet waters
    Aug 27 2009 11:30 PM
    is he still on the go? can't remember the last time i saw him, had a yarn with gylie and wee oman last week, he never let anythin slip but i walked oot the store and met john chocolates and he told me al is looking for a mooring at gigha for his boat for a few months, wullum must be going round, and round, and round, and round?
    Against all odds; an intuitive and determined fisherman.

    Despite being unable to see the fish in the bag, he more often than not sensed when they were going to be there. This was even before we had even hauled the boat in to the shore on the running mooring.  Fishing the nets from North to South, all I could see was the glare of the sun and scouders.

    Incredibly with the first touch of the net, he could tell if there was 'a doze of them here' or 'Nothing'. The official figure of course was always 'One or Two!'

    Sadly missed but at peace now