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Cape Everad now UCT EVERAD

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Cape Everad now UCT EVERAD

Cape Everad seen entering Teesport (North East England) on 1st May 2007 having travelled from Rotterdam (Netherlands0 - headed for BASF No2 Jetty. Photographed from South Gare.

Flag: Marshall Islands  
Port of Registry: Majuro  
Call sign: V7FY3  
Type of vessel: Chemical / Oil tanker  
Type of hull: Double Hull  
Registered owner: Eight Prosperity - Panama C/o Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
Technical operator: Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
Dodekanison Str., 4043 Limasol, Cyprus
Commercial operator: UCT Gasstrase 4, D22761 Hamburg, Germany
Built : Sasaki Shipsbuilding Co. Ltd
Date Delivered: May 31, 2004  
Class notation: G.L + Hull + Mach, 100A5, ESP, Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, MC AUT  
LOA (Length Over All): 118.14 Metres
Extreme breadth: 18.8 Metres
KTM (Keel to Masthead): 34.4 Metres
BCM (Bow to Center Manifold): 56 Metres
Lightship parallel body length: 36.232 Metres
Normal ballast parallel body length: 52.865 Metres
Parallel body length at Summer DWT: 62.947 Metres
Net Tonnage: 2533  
Gross Tonnage: 5955  
Suez Net Tonnage: 6447.14  
Panama Net Tonnage: 5955  
Nationality of Master POLAND    
Nationality of Officers: Polish, Filipino, Romanian, Ukraine
Nationality of Crew: Philippines