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Northsea Trader and AH001 - 15-21a

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Northsea Trader and AH001 - 15-21a

Northsea Trader passing the semi submersible rig AH001 - 15-21a, Port of Tyne (North East England) on 17th August 2009. Photographed from North Shields Ferry Landing.

    Looks like it has been converted to a production facility - the drilling package is missing.
    Just looked her up, this is her in port for decommissioning (going by the date of the photo).
    AH001 - 15/21a Semisubmersible Floating Production Facility (FPF) - Originally built as the Sedco Phillips SS drilling rig, it is now owned by Amerada Hess and had been part of the R Block Development, North Sea Central, United Kingdom.

    The AH001 has the processing capacity for 60,000 barrels of oil/day and 58.5 million ft³/day of gas. It can inject 92,000 barrels of water a day and has the capability of converting 60t of seawater into drinking water. It is secured by a 12-point mooring system.

    Found this piece @ http://www.upstreamo...ticle183806.ece

    Oilfield services provider Petrofac said it will take about six months to refurbish the AH001 floating production facility to get it ready for redeployment.

    Petrofac bought the FPU from from US player Hess and New York- and London-listed Endeavour Energy in a deal announced late last week.

    A Petrofac representative declined to give the purchase price.

    Petrofac expects the AH0001 to arrive shortly at the McNulty offshore facility in Newcastle upon Tyne where it will be evaluated for possible upgrades.

    “The vessel wil take approximately 6 months to be modified so that it is ready for deployment,” the spokesman told UpstreamOnline. ”The vessel would be upgraded to the specific requirements of the field to which it would be deployed.

    The spokesman called the AH001 “a suitable production facility for a number of developments” but said Petrofac has not secured a contract for the FPU yet.

    The AH001 has been working on the Hess-operated Ivanhoe and Rob Roy Fields, in the UK North Sea, since 1989 and also handled output from the Renee and Rubie fields.


    Steve E.
    Hi steve , the '15/21a' is the block it was working in , we used to land on it for fuel when drilling on rubie/renee   ;D