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Provider and Spring Tide at Burntisland

    this isnt the provider ah71  this boat to big
    Paul she is approx 65ft * 20ft very heavy built the name on the bow is Provider but is painted out.  She does look very similar to the boat you mention even had the roller on the strength with the sternpost cut to suit.  If you want  closer pictures let me know.  Alan
    no shes not the ah 71 she was in eyemouth this week still fishing this boat is a lot bigger as think
    sill as nice big lump of wood the boat along side spring tide used to fish from whitby called wellspring was brid owned before that  cheers paul
    been down again today Provider to the name carved into the bow, paced her out at 23 paces which would make her around 70 ft long.  She was originally bought to do diving but now been sold and is being worked on.


    Aug 15 2009 08:01 PM
    built at peterhead 79ft i was on her a couple of times

    the skipper
    Dec 07 2009 07:14 PM
    Conquest BCK 157 ?
    Built as Reliant BCK 36, then Antaeus, then Provider BF 136.
    I believe speaking to the guys at Burntisland that she is being taken abroad once work has been carried out on her, her owner is on the West coast of Scotland.  Since taking the picture the shelter deck surrounding the wheelhouse has been removed.  I will try to find out more details about her.

    springtide noe after sadly hitting rocks http://www.orkneycom...number23027.asp