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Matt on the Watercress CN 3

Matt on the Watercress CN 3

Matt MacDougall on the Watercress CN 3 whilst cleaning and varnishing her around 1962 at Waterfoot, Carradale.

The young fella is my older brother Les.

    young ronnie
    Aug 14 2009 08:49 PM
    A great wee piece of family history Dunard..and a guid photie as weeel !!

    quiet waters
    Aug 28 2009 12:55 AM
    hasn't grown much has he? i went to the co-op a scatter of weeks ago, walked, took me an hour as i had to stop for a rest at each park bench or summer seat as they are known locally, good intentions to get several items that were vital, met les at the road end outside the co, half an hour later after much catching up and talk of katie phipps my nursing angel, we parted, i got to the entrance, could not for the life of me remember what i'd gone out for, turned round and walked home, i left the hoose at 8.50am, got home about 11am and hadn't even bought a paper, took me a week to recover from that short walk, he is lucky i didn't go to the festival and heckle him!!!