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More from the beach

More from the beach

The boats beached at Waterfoot from another angle.

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 14 2009 06:10 PM
    Terrific ... and now you really can see Reekie's hallmark full stop at the aft end of Sunshine's cove line
    Which reminds me, there was a Reekie or Weathrehead ringer on its last legs up the creek at Waterfoot in the mid/late 70s. Anyone recall its name? It was around 45/47ft

    ;D ;D
    I think it might have been a vessel called the 'Southern Sun'. She was involved in a collision in Campbeltwon Loch and sank. She was later salvaged, but I think the only thing worth keeping was the engine and the winch.

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 14 2009 07:05 PM
    that's ringing a bell ... I recall the Sun bit, now that the brain cell has been jogged!

    young ronnie
    Aug 14 2009 08:22 PM
    Another smashing pic of  a bonny boat Dunard.When you see what a wee prop the 88s had (32" if memory serves,and 29" on a 66),you wonder how they managed to shove a 50 footer along,but they sure did,and at a fair clip as well! I can remember as a 15 year old going up to Stanley Blair (he of Vee boards fame) with a fan off the Old Man's 44 (25" I think) to get him to buff the tips,and I had it tucked under my arm! That wee prop was towing a 16 fm. Stuarts grass rope net,40 fms. of sweeps and a set of 4ft. boards,albeit only in 20 fms. of water...oh dear,wine and nostalgia are a terrible combination right enough old boy lol

    Gary Sutherland
    Aug 14 2009 09:02 PM
    Isn't that Jim Campbell's boat, Bairn's Pride?

    quiet waters
    Aug 28 2009 12:46 AM
    i remember the sun plonking in the inner harbour so it was pretty easy to salvage her, or not maybe? i seem to recall her lying in the middle of the harbour for a few days at the least, i was still in school i think so it must have been mid 70's, i'd have no interest in who had her or where she was built etc, still wouldn't know
    notice the nearest one has her prop. blades painted white..
    either for seeing the colour of the water??
    or cutting net out prop easier???
    I just love this piccy....an artist's dream ha ha !!!  Lovely wooden boats....great post !  ???