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In for cleaning

In for cleaning

From left to right, Sunshine, Bairns Pride, Queen of the Fleet and Watercress in for their annual cleaning at Waterfoot, Carradale around 1962.

    Lovely shot, Dunard.  :police:
    nice picture i dont think  you will ever see them looking like this again   :police:

    young ronnie
    Aug 13 2009 10:10 AM
    Ye could see yer face tae shave on that varnishwork...just beautiful...shining like a shilling on a sweep's ar*e :police:

    Brian Ward TT24
    Aug 13 2009 04:17 PM
    Great shot and no beaching legs!
    Agreed Ronnie... "just beautiful" pretty much sums them up, and no, we'll never see them like this again.  :police:

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 14 2009 07:17 AM
    Hi Dunard
    This is a pic I never tire of ... having seen it elsewhere
    A sort of timeless image ... but of an era now long gone
    It shows brilliantly three styles Reekie (cove line ends in a full stop which is not the case with Weatherhead), Miller and, by the look of it,  Noble Fraserburgh x 2  
    Best regards
    My late uncle Donnie MacKenzie took this and a few others on this particular day. I was visiting Matt MacDougall in hospital last night. His father had the Watercress built at Nobles FR around 1934. It was the year that Matt himself went to the fishing. Matt later skippered her himself.