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Terra Nova

Terra Nova

Wheelhouse added off ex- GY boat  lying at Dunston

    Dec 06 2009 12:23 AM
    this was my old boat at dunston the old royal mail of the Shetlands
    remember lending a hand trying to lift it when it sank on newcastle quayside next to the ouseburn.  wonder where it went after that

    is it still around?

    johntar tt10
    Dec 06 2009 05:37 PM
    Might be wrong but is this not Alex McLeod's seiner Terra Nova that worked out of Ayr, was then sold and did the Rothesay to Gourock royal mail run skippered for a while by Jackie Cowie afore his Cal-Mac days?
    pretty sure thats the one john.  was sat in bowling for a while, was sold late 80's and moved down to the tyne

    johntar tt10
    Dec 06 2009 06:00 PM
    Mark think this one was an Admirality hull, Alex bought a LH boat after he sold her, think it might have been Ebenezer, anyway Hughie Currie bought her as Terra Nova and she finished up in Ardglass, can't get the Shetland connection in first post unless it was misunderstanding

    Dec 06 2009 06:11 PM
    That certainly looks like the stern of a 61.5ft ex Admiralty MFV. The one that ran out of Gourock was owned by Roy Ritchie was the Granny Kempock and had a diff. wheelhouse and casing.
    this is the wheelhouse when she came down from the clyde:


    pretty certain it was an admiralty mfv.  I travelled up to Bowling with a view to buying her, despite the dodgy character that was selling her neglecting to tell me she'd already been sold to someone else, who ironically lived not far from me in newcastle!

    he then tried to flog me an old ringer that was in the canal basin, ex-troon boat, K3 in it.  to this day I'm certain he was trying to flog me someone elses boat!

    johntar tt10
    Dec 06 2009 06:31 PM
    Mark thats deff the mail boat that ran Rothesay to Gourock, Alex McLeod's Terra Nova.
    Thought of Alex McLeod when I saw her John. I think the boat Hughie had was a later TN. Did Alex's son skipper her?Something runs in ma heid that 's the case. Alex's boat was a 65 foot mfv, with a 180 t6 kelvin. Remember she featured for years advertising seine net ropes in Fishing News

    johntar tt10
    Dec 06 2009 11:05 PM
    Aye Howie thats the first TN for sure, what was name of 2nd one when she came to Ayr?