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The man himself

The man himself

Jonah aboard the Harvest Moon around the mid 70s.

    Nae a grey whisker or young dame at his side either both a familiar site in  more recent photos lol

    young ronnie
    Nov 01 2008 01:39 PM
    He wis only a young laddie in that photo Willie,he's aged a bit since then...(a gey lot !!)  lol
    Wid say he is my age there and a lot mair hair than me noo lol and ats jist on his chinny chin chin

    young ronnie
    Nov 01 2008 01:58 PM
    He wis aye like that,what we used tae ca' a "hairy oobit" after yon wee hairy caterpillars things..div ye ken fit ah mean ?
    A ken fit yi mean YR

    young ronnie
    Nov 01 2008 02:31 PM
    There wid be very few things wi' hair on them that you werenae weel aquant wi'  lol
    ....you lot are funny ha ha ha

    young ronnie
    Nov 16 2008 12:28 AM
    Just wait 'til you see close up photos of us,then you'll get an even better laugh.
    :o :o :o  Yeh get them up ha ha !!!!
    Oh h*ck I mean the photos...that sounds bad ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...I mean the close up photos of your faces ha ha ha ha